Speed and ease of installation made AFS Rediwall from AFS Systems the perfect product for basement renovations featured on the 2021 season of The Block.

The 2021 season also saw a few surprises with the show beginning with the construction of basements using AFS Rediwall.

With land prices at a premium in the Melbourne suburb of Hampton (where The Block 2021 was located), it made sense to optimise the use of underground space.

AFS Rediwall is a strong and versatile permanent formwork system that’s also superfast to assemble and install.

On The Block, speed is vital, making AFS Rediwall a great choice for the build team. Quick and easy to install, AFS Rediwall is a perfect match for the time constraints of The Block’s schedule.

Lightweight to install, yet structurally strong to be load-bearing, the AFS Rediwall walling system is suitable for both above and below ground applications. It’s a time-saving alternative to conventional masonry and blockwork with the precision-extruded components easily interconnecting for rapid installation.

An extremely versatile walling system, AFS Rediwall can be used in almost any application where a structural wall is required.

With so many advantages, it makes perfect sense to consider AFS Rediwall for your next project:

  • Requires almost no machinery-aided installation
  • Panels are lighter than blockwork or timber, hence easy to handle
  • Installation is easy as components simply snap or slide together
  • Comprehensive range of profiles to maximise floor space and minimise concrete
  • Design of the internal webbing allows easier location of reinforcement bars and for better concrete flow during core filling
  • Semi-gloss high quality pre-finish means you can have a smooth and clean surface, or allow for other finishes to be easily applied such as rendering
  • Minimises need for trades on site for installation and cuts wastage, helping you reduce workplace health and safety risks
  • All AFS products are of the highest quality and locally made, with fast delivery times
  • Dedicated after-sales services provide free onsite training and support

AFS Rediwall

AFS Rediwall is the structural wall system selected by The Block for the construction of basements in the 2021 season. It’s a versatile lightweight permanent formwork system that’s quick and easy to install.

AFS Rediwall is proudly Australian-made and owned, AS3600 Concrete Structures compliant, meets all GBCA Best Practice for PVC guidelines and is NCC compliant and CodeMark certified.