AFM Frameworks  specialises in supplying retail shelving and storage solutions for the grocery and retail industries. The various retail shelving solutions include barn racking, steel shelving, Econoshelf, Mertroshelf, supermarket or grocery solution and liquor racking. AFM Frameworks offers cantilever shelves and Gondolas as well.
AFM Frameworks is also known for manufacturing metal stamping, powder coating line, punched panel, robotic welding and roll forming to name a few.
AFM Frameworks offers System 4000 and System 5000 shelving systems. These shelving systems are more commonly used in supermarkets, variety stores, hardware stores, liquor stores, fuel outlets and specialty stores. The System 4000 and System 5000 are also used in warehouse storage, automotive storage, stationery stores, fruit and vegetable stores and pharmacies.

There are two types of shelves from AFM Frameworks which are available in different sizes. The top shelves are designed to carry a load of 300 and 900 kilograms, while the cantilevered wire and steel shelves can carry a load of 115 kilograms.
The shelving systems from AFM Frameworks are available in different configurations to suit various requirements of the customers. Posts are available in double sided T and single sided L configurations. Shelf fronts, wire baskets and dividers are also available along with System 4000 and System 5000. AFM Frameworks also offers shelving systems with a combination of frame height and module length.