AFI Branding Solutions  specialises in manufacturing fabric signage products to the corporate, events and marketing sectors. AFI Branding Solutions manufactures all its products and constantly monitors production to ensure perfection. AFI Branding Solutions offers its services to events, promotional campaign, venue, indoor or outdoor display that needs specialist attention and a creative approach, AFI Branding Solutions provides branding solution to meet specific requirements.

AFI Branding Solutions offers a wide range of fabric signage which includes fence wraps, billboards and external vinyl signs, portable displays, bowheads, sign-ups, rollups, A-frames, feathers, teardrops, flags and flagpoles, internal and external banners and marquees. In addition to supplying an extensive range of fabric signage products, AFI Branding Solutions also provides customised signage to suit specific needs. AFI Branding Solutions has purpose built production facilities and uses state-of-the-art technology to create a variety of signage products. AFI Branding Solutions has an experienced and professional team to meet various clients’ needs.

AFI Branding Solutions offers premium indoor signage and display products which are fully portable yet sophisticated signage products. AFI Branding Solutions offers new and fresh ideas and helps in creating visual and vibrant display of colour and movement and adds a unique style to the brand.