AffinityOne - GPS Tracking Solutions  offers tracking solutions from Navman such as vehicle tracking, satellite navigation systems and fleet management. Navman's vehicle tracking solutions from AffinityOne - GPS Tracking Solutions produces a range of reports which include activity, mileage, trips, speed and idle time.
These vehicle tracking solutions provide information on the start and stop time, customer visits, routes taken, time spent on sites and the distance travelled. Information relating to the status of the vehicles is referred to as Telematics. These vehicle tracking solutions provide benefits such as decreasing fuel costs and increasing productivity. Through this vehicle tracking, unauthorised mileage can be avoided and downtime can be reduced. AffinityOne - GPS Tracking Solutions also offers mobile phone tracking service and personal GPS logger. These mobile phone tracking services do not require any hardware or software to be loaded.
AffinityOne - GPS Tracking Solutions offers DL200 BT which is a personal GPS logger. This is powered by a Lithium ion rechargeable battery. It includes a wireless blue tooth to download data and makes the DL200 BT a versatile device. The personal tracking system provides several benefits. This tracking system is portable and simple to use and is also cost effective.