AffinityOne - GPS Tracking Solutions  specialises in electronic security systems for both commercial and residential applications. The security systems designed by AffinityOne - GPS Tracking Solutions are easy to understand and operate. These systems are designed to provide security to the asset by merely pressing a button.
The security products offered by AffinityOne - GPS Tracking Solutions include a range of monitored and non monitored alarms. An important benefit of the monitored alarm is that in case of an alarm activation a trained staff is notified who quickly responds to such alarm activation. On the other hand, the local alarms or the non monitored alarms just make a noise in case of an alarm activation.
The monitored alarm is connected to an approved alarm receiving centre directly. In case of alarm activation, the staff verifies the alarm and notifies the key holders. These monitored alarms from AffinityOne - GPS Tracking Solutions are designed to run a weekly maintenance check to ensure consistent and optimum performance of the system. There are varieties of alarm packages available to suit different customer budgets.
The local or the non monitored alarms are programmed to dial a pre determined number. These alarm systems have an internal and external siren. It also includes a blue flashing strobe which continues to flash in the event of alarm activation. These alarm systems can be upgraded as when required. Wireless systems are also available from AffinityOne - GPS Tracking Solutions.