TracerTrak, an asset tracking system from AffinityOne - GPS Tracking Solutions , is a self powered system which has a global coverage. It provides up to seven years of battery life. TracerTrak helps to map, track and locate the asset. It makes use of the Globalstar satellite network to provide location updates.
An important feature of this system is that it allows locating the asset with an SMS request and updates are provided on a regular basis. The benefit of such a tracking system is that it minimises productivity losses due to lost and stolen assets. It helps reduce downtime and thereby results in efficient operation. All kinds of critical events can be notified easily and immediately. TracerTrak requires a simple installation process.
Alarm Trak from AffinityOne - GPS Tracking Solutions helps to monitor the asset alarms and any unauthorised activity is intimated and acted upon immediately. Alarm Trak provides weekly updates as well. AffinityOne - GPS Tracking Solutions also offers Container Trak which helps to locate and map the containers, railcars and trailers. Container Trak includes an in-built motion sensor in order to know when it is moving.

AffinityOne - GPS Tracking Solutions provides My Trak as well which helps to locate and map caravans and boats.