Aesthetics Lighting  offers a range of exterior and interior lighting solutions for its customers. The various types of interior lightings from Aesthetics Lighting include downlights, extrusions or profiles, spotlights or object lightings, table and floor lamps, pendants or features and wall lamps.
There are various models available in downlights such as, Aqua Smooth, Artuur Maxi, Carree and Deep Circle to name a few. Deep Circle is a low glare circular recessed downlight available in a variety of colours including black, aluminium grey, gold mat and blue.
Aqua Smooth is a recessed halogen downlight which comes with a tapered faceplate and Artuur Maxi is a square metal halide downlight available in silver, white and black.
The interior table and floor lamps are available in variety of models as well. Bud table lamp, Class table lamp, Cubi floor lamp and Robo table lamp are some of the table and floor lamps available from Aesthetics Lighting.
Bud table lamp has a steel base and silver powder coat finish and is available in opal, red and amber colours. Class table lamp has a satin finished layer and a blown glass table lamp with a glass base. Cubi lamps are floor lamps with blown glass and are available in different colours.
Interior wall lamps are available in various models including Alpha wall lights, Baton Wash, Bicubo and Botero to name a few. Alpha wall lights have a brushed stainless steel flush arm and wall plates. Bicubo wall lamps are multi-functional luminaire that highlight the interior of a place efficiently and pronounce the volume of the room.