Aesthetics Lighting  has over 20 years of experience in providing a large array of creative lighting solutions to architects, electrical engineers and specifiers. Aesthetics Lighting handles all its projects by offering the latest trends and designs in lightings along with experience and technical expertise.
Aesthetics manufacturing, an electrical and assembly division of Aesthetics Lighting, provides its own design and lighting products to the commercial and corporate customers. Aesthetics Lighting also offers blade lighting systems, a range of international quality light fittings and systems. Aesthetics Lighting also received the National Lighting Best Luminaire Award in 1995 and the architecture and design award as well.
Aesthetics Lighting offers a complete range of service to its customers ranging from conception to completion. Aesthetics Lighting caters to the needs of variety of customers ranging from institutional and entertainment sectors to retail and residential areas.
The various services offered by Aesthetics Lighting include lighting products and solutions customised according to the customer's needs, desired lighting effects and product application. Aesthetics Lighting also provides lighting calculation software, 3D images, sourcing products and handles projects for lighting installation. Aesthetics Lighting also conducts seminars for architectural clients and tertiary institutions.