Utilising fine high performance LED light engines and a collection of high quality fixtures Marl CreativeArc offers an exclusive range that enables you to use LED lighting in applications that until now have only been made possible using traditional lighting sources.

Marl CreativeArc is a successful division of Marl International, an independent design, engineering and manufacturing company that specialises in optoelectronic, electronic and mechanical engineering.

Marl have been providing creative, cost effective solutions for over 30 years, and by amalgamating its expertise from all fields can offer a complete package to meet the increasing demand for innovative electronic lighting products as the LED transcends rapidly from applications of indication to illumination.

The extensive resources and experience of the group enables Marl CreativeArc to support you throughout your lighting project, from initial concept through to completion.

Marl CreativeArc’s range of LED lighting is available from Aerospace & Defence Products .