Aeria Country Floors  offer a wide range of Italian RUF Sicis mosaic tiles. The RUF Sicis range of glass mosaic tiles is available in a variety of colours. Various mosaic panels are also available.  

The Iridium collection of Sicis mosaic tiles comprises semi transparent glass tiles with an extra gloss, iridescent surface.

The Waterglass collection of Sicis mosaic tiles is distinguished by the transparency of the glass mosaic and its variegated discolouring inside the same mosaic.

The Glimmer collection of Sicis mosaic tiles is similar to the Waterglass collection of mosaic tiles with its transparent look and the dappled discolouring. Glimmer Sicis mosaic tiles have a light reflecting, polychrome iridescent surface.

The Murano Smalto range of Sicis mosaic tiles features matt glass mosaic tiles with a semi gloss finish in soft pastels or bright colours.