Aegis Security  offers security patrol services where, a patrol officer checks all the accessible doors, gates and windows to ensure that they are closed and locked. The security patrol service can be provided on both random basis and shared service basis.

A random service is where a patrol car checks the buildings for a couple of minutes, while a shared service is where a prescribed number of random inspections are carried out. These services are provided based on the internal, external or intermediate requirements. This patrol service enables companies to reduce their investment in an alarm system.

Aegis Security offers CCTV system or the Closed Circuit Television System for both commercial and domestic purposes. The CCTV system consists of a number of cameras strategically located throughout the building, a digital DVR multiplexer and an LCD monitor. The entire system is installed at a competitive price and this system helps to detect criminal activity, if any.

When used at corporate places, CCTV system enables the management to watch over staffs, visitors and company cars. It also enables the company to reduce the security manpower cost by covering remote access areas with cameras.

Aegis Security also offers employment opportunities for qualified, experienced security officers. Thus
Aegis Security aims at providing quality services to its customers with assured safety.