Australian home cooks are discovering the brilliance of connected rangehood and induction cooking, thanks to the smart Hob2Hood technology from AEG.

From the turn of the millennium to the present day, Australian kitchens have gone through a complete transformation. Nothing expresses it better than this appliance from AEG that can handle it all.

Meet the AEG 5-zone Hob2Hood induction cooktop, the single appliance propelling the trend of cooking for entertainment and self-expression, making Australians better home cooks. By eliminating the drudgery of hard work, the cooktop has made cooking for pleasure very real.

If cooking over fire is about feel, cooking with induction is about faith. Thanks to the AEG line of appliances, you can build a creative kitchen that not only performs but also challenges the expected. 

Tech savvy home cooks who would naturally gravitate towards a glossy touch control induction model complete with gourmet guided cooking, won’t be disappointed. The German-designed appliance gives your cooking speed, precision and versatility, plus the unique in-built Hob2Hood function means the cooktop speaks to your compatible rangehood – automatically adjusting the settings so you can focus on cooking.

Cooking on an induction cooktop is a completely different experience altogether. No more twiddling your thumbs while your stove takes its sweet time to boil a pot of water. The induction power function boosts your cooktop so it does it in almost half the time, which means your chilli crab linguine with vodka sauce will go from pot to plate faster, too.

Plus, the FlexiBridge cooking zone switches to three pre-set temperatures – high, medium and low so you can simply move your pan to seamlessly go from boil to simmer.

With the AEG induction cooktop, you will never burn a dish again. Precise and controlled temperatures, achieved by touch slide controls, are especially convenient for dishes that need low, slow and even heat – for instance, when caramelising, preparing consommé, tempering chocolate and making stock. The Automax function also brings your zone up to the boil and then will reduce it to your pre-selected power level for the remainder of the cooking time.

Don’t get hassled when your cooking gets interrupted by the doorbell. The AEG cooktop lets you press pause on your cooking with the Stop+Go function that reduces all zones to a ‘keep warm’ temperature, and then returns to your previous setting when you’re back.

AEG cooktops are safe for households with small children. The cooktop remains cool to the touch, no matter how high the temperature it's on, thanks to the principle of electromagnetism.