The retail flagpoles offered by Adware Flags & Flagpoles are very economical and are suitable for sales and seasonal promotions. These advertising flagpoles can be easily fixed to aluminum frames, steel, walls, window glass and the like.

Adware Flags & Flagpoles also offers a wide range of cost-effective bali flags that are suitable for street decorations, festivals, business promotions and for sports and field days. It creates a high visual impact and comes in a variety of colours such as pink, dark blue, purple, orange and many more.

A wide range of windsocks and turbines offered by Adware Flags & Flagpoles can be hung from shop verandahs, which are best suited to draw public attention. The Adware bunting is suitable for both interior and exterior applications and is ideal for store promotions, sporting events and other functions. It is offered in an extensive range of colours to match customer requirements.

Adware Flags & Flagpoles offers flagpole tops to add elegance and a classy touch to the business image. Flagpole tops are available in different sizes and are available in gold and aluminum finish.

Adware Flags & Flagpoles also offers a wide range of flagpoles for hire to enhance the display settings. It offers over 2000 flags for hire, including a wide range of vertical ceiling drop flags, stage and background flags. The other flags offered by Adware Flags & Flagpoles on hire basis include historical flags, sports flags, pennant flags, naval flags and general flags.