The release of GenIII from Advantage Air has revolutionised domestic, reverse cycle, ducted air-conditioning. For the first time, true individual room temperature control can be achieved throughout the home.

This innovative air-conditioning system benefits everyone in the home by allowing each person to choose the temperature for their room that best suits them. Another benefit of this precise air delivery is the way GenIII eliminates hot and cold spots. So, unlike homes air-conditioned with standard zone systems, GenIII air-conditioning uses sensors in every room so a constant temperature can be maintained throughout the house.

All this extra comfort is actually more efficient. The sensors in every room constantly monitor the temperature to ensure the system only works as hard as it needs to. In fact, the CSIRO estimate Gen III is 26% more efficient than Advantage Air’s regular reverse cycle system.

A high-tech colour touch screen gives the user fingertip control and delivers information instantly, so actual room temperatures can be viewed at any time. The scheduling ability allows the user to set the temperature for the system, in every room, for every hour, for the next 30 days.

Plus, once the GenIII air-conditioning is installed, upgrading to Advantage Air’s amazing suite of options is easy and inexpensive. Options include Fresh Air, SMS/Internet access and Pure Air.

Fresh Air is a unique option that brings in air from outside to ventilate the home even when all the windows and doors are closed and it can boost the energy efficiency of the GenIII system by a very environmentally friendly 38%. And on the environment front, GenIII is one of the first air-conditioners to use R407C, the world’s new breed of non-ozone depleting refrigerants.

For future peace of mind, the complete system is manufactured by the one company, Advantage Air, and is covered under the one warranty.