The EM system or the Electro Magnetic system offered by Advancetag is one of the ideally suited systems for libraries. It is available in two models namely, EM500 System and EM700 System. The EM labels are paper thin and can be deactivated and reactivated. These least visible EM labels can be applied on books of any size.

The AM System or the Acousto Magnetic System has higher technical performance when compared with the RM and the AM systems. It has greater immunity to false alarms. It has wide aisle capability and is compatible with 58Khs hard tags and labels. The AM Labels are used for source tagging which is done at the time of manufacturing or packaging. The labels can be easily deactivated at the point of sale. Advancetag also offers AM auto deactivator which facilitates the automatic deactivation of labels. These labels can be used on magazines, books, cosmetics, pharmaceutical items and the like. The chrome detacher or the chrome magnetic detacher can be used to detach the labels.

The other electronic surveillance systems offered by Advancetag include Vector System, VitagMono-Guard System, Clear Vector System, Vitag-Premier Guard System and many more. Advancetag also offers a wide range of security mirrors for safety and security applications. These mirrors are available in different sizes.