Advancetag  offers a wide range of security systems that include the RF systems or the Radio Frequency systems, EM systems or the Electro Magnetic systems and AM systems or the Acousto Magnetic systems. The RF or Radio Frequency system comes with single pedestal installation and multiple pedestal installation. The system is offered with more designs and options. RF systems have wide aisle capability and are compatible with hard tags and labels.

The RF Labels from Advancetag are paper thin and can be custom printed with pricing information or customer logos to match individual requirements. The RF Labels can be used on video tapes, film, magazines, cosmetics and the like. RF Labels are also available in plain white or stimulated bar code to deceive shoplifters. This system is widely used by retailers.

The RF deactivator and RF Pad Deactivators are also offered by Advancetag to facilitate a quick checkout process and provide for more usable counter space. Advancetag also offers a wide range of hard and soft tags that can be used with all types of merchandise. These tags can be used on almost all fabrics. The hard tags protect the merchandise from theft until they are removed at the point of sale. These tags can be removed from the merchandise using a chrome detacher. Retailers can also use chrome magnetic detacher to enhance the easy release of EAS hard tags at the point of sale.