Advanced Underground Solutions  offers a wide range of leak detection systems. Stethophon 04 is a water leak detection system with LCD which shows noise levels between measuring points. The operations are very simple and contain multiple filler settings. This apparatus comes with a soft carry bag and a headphone. Other leak detection systems offered by Advanced Underground Solutions include the basic plumber kit, domestic plumber kit, commercial plumber’s kit and professional plumber’s kit.

Advanced Underground Solutions offers a wide range of professional leak detection systems. The SeCorr 08 Correlator, the SeCorr 300 Correlator and SePem 01 Noise Loggers are professional leak detection systems that consist of a bi directional radio connection to control radio transmitters. These systems use the superior microphone technology for better results and fewer logger problems.

The Snooper Mini, Ex-Tec, HS680, VarioTec, SR, Ex-Tec Combi and PortaFid offered by Advanced Underground Solutions are all gas leak detection systems. These gas leak detection systems are available with LCD display backlight operation and replaceable sensor filters. These systems are cost effective as well.

Advanced Underground Solutions also offers a wide range of power and Telco products. These products use the latest GPS technology to identify problems. They also help to improve network ability with neutral imbalance, load management, neutral current and voltage imbalance. These products are completely safe for all relevant operations.