Advanced Specialized Equipment  supplies a wide range of chemical which includes anti allergy chemicals, antimicrobial and sanitisers, carpet cleaners, ceiling and wall cleaning and chemical cleaning kits.

Advanced Specialized Equipment supplies detergents, emulsifying rinse, acid rinse, alkaline rinse, extra chemicals, encapsulation, fabric protection, odour eliminators, prespray, rust removers, smoke restoration, spotters, stain removers, tile and grout cleaners, traffic lane cleaner and wood floor protection products.

Advanced Specialized Equipment supplies a wide range of specialised and general portable equipment. The range of portable equipment includes burnishers, floor machines, floor scrubbers, portable extractors, rotaries, carpet extractors, carpet and upholstery cleaners, dual surface machines, vacuums, consumables and accessories.

Advanced Specialized Equipment offers an extensive range of water restoration products for effective water restoration. The range of water restoration products includes air movers, fans, dehumidifiers, HEPA filtration, injector drying, moisture detection, ozone equipment, odour control, portable water extractors, water restoration chemicals and water restoration accessories. Advanced Specialized Equipment also supplies fire protection products.

Advanced Specialized Equipment supplies a complete range of microfibre products from Vikan ErgoClean. Microfibre material generates a by static electricity that helps in absorbing dirt and bacteria. Microfibre product range includes cloths, dusters, flat mops and telescopic handles.