Advanced Living  points out that home automation system provides an efficient user interface in a home. It can operate functions easily, locate controllers conveniently and minimise ‘wall warts.’ The house owner can turn all the lights off from a switch by his bed or allow the 'goodnight' scene to slowly dim all the lights, turn off the music system and set the alarm.

Customers can have brightness dimmers inbuilt into as many switches as they want with the home automation system. It enables any switch to operate any light in the home or garden. Advanced Living says that home automation system can operate lights in groups or zones to achieve different moods and effects.

The home automation system can turn on lights and music automatically when the house owner unlocks the front door. A person can watch movements around his home by integrating closed circuit TV with communications systems. The front door can be unlocked from a distant place and helps ascertain from one central point that all windows and doors are closed.