Sydney-based Advanced Bathroom Design & Renovation offers assured quick turnaround in the delivery of its products and services for bathroom design and renovation projects.

Advanced Bathroom Design & Renovation offers their services to residential as well as commercial projects.

In addition to supplying a diverse product range that includes shower screens, electrical and heating products, toilet systems, vanities, tiles, taps, bathtubs and spas, Advanced Bathroom Design & Renovation also offers expertise in tiling, electrical, plumbing, interior renovation, waterproofing and removal services.

A top executive at the bathroom design and renovation company explains that they leverage cutting edge technology and dexterous manpower to process each and every request within a short period of time, all without increasing the cost. Its speedy service delivery encompasses quick product delivery, fast on-site presence, instant response to customer queries and fast after sales service.

Bathroom plumbing is a major area of focus for Advanced Bathroom Design & Renovation with new products installed only after the old products are removed properly. Plumbing services include unblocking toilets and installing new ones, cleaning drains, installing exhaust fans, fixing pipes and taps, various water supply services, spa installation and repairs.