Advanced Audio Visuals (Aust)  manufactures accessories that complete the wide range of audio visual products supplied by it. These audio visual products are offered to both existing local vendors and to overseas vendors. Advanced Audio Visuals (Aust) also does modifications of some of the audio visual products.

Advanced Audio Visuals (Aust) offers specialised products and services. The specialised services offered by Advanced Audio Visuals (Aust) include consultation service for design and installation of audio visual products, installation of turn key projection systems and so on.

Advanced Audio Visuals (Aust) has carried out many projects such as board room fit outs, auditoriums and other up gradation projects. The projects also include project management inspections, installation, commissioning and testing documentation, providing customer training and site assessment equipment recommendation.

Advanced Audio Visuals (Aust) offers special equipment such as second hand projectors. It offers second hand projectors of different brands such as Panasonic, Sony, Sanyo, Mitsubishi and so on.

Advanced Audio Visuals (Aust) provides its expertise to companies which are related to computer and office equipment and for those who want to resell their audio visual products to their clients.