Gravity conveyor modules from Advance Conveyors are specially designed for most types of manufacturing and material handling systems. The gravity conveyor system has a modular and flexible design and can be easily moved around. The conveyor system is designed to meet current requirements and changing conditions. All conveyor systems, sub-assemblies and accessories from Advance Conveyors are manufactured in the Sydney-based factory.

Advance Conveyors supplies gravity conveyor system which is available in various models. The range includes straight bed conveyor, race wheel gravity conveyor, gravity curves and personnel gate. Straight bed conveyor is amongst the most popular types of conveyor beds.

Advance Conveyors offers Fairglide shaft driven roller conveyors which have economical conveyor designs and is the one of the popular type of powered conveyors. Line shaft conveyors are mainly used as an accumulation system, and are efficient, quiet, easy and safe to run.

Advance Conveyors also offers pallet and drum handling heavy duty conveyors. Pallet and drum handling heavy duty conveyors are ideal for transportation, accumulation and storage of heavy unit loads. Pallet and drum handling heavy duty conveyors are available in four versions which include zero pressure, heavy duty gravity conveyor, twin chain conveyor and chain driven conveyor models.