ADV SCAFFOLD  manufactures and supplies a variety of scaffold products to its customers. The scaffold from ADV SCAFFOLD is manufactured based on Australian Safety Standards. The skilled professionals of ADV SCAFFOLD take care of installation requirement for its clients. ADV SCAFFOLD aims to offer quality light-weight scaffolding. ADV SCAFFOLD offers best service at competitive prices. ADV SCAFFOLD aims to offer products as per customer’s satisfaction. The product variety offered by ADV SCAFFOLD fall under four categories namely aluminium mobile, fibreglass mobile, aluminium system and speedy scaffold.

The aluminium mobile offered by ADV SCAFFOLD are ideal for most of the applications. The aluminium system provided by ADV SCAFFOLD are well suited for large or more complex applications that requires walk through access or one that is to be accessed in hard to reach places. The aluminium mobile offered by ADV SCAFFOLD are manufactured with exceptional quality long life durability as well as offered at competitive price. ADV SCAFFOLD offers lifetime warranty in terms of all tig-welded frames. All the other components are provided with a life warranty of 12 months.