Communications technology specialist Adtec Communications has developed an interface allowing analogue phone systems to connect to digital phone handsets.

The company’s Hybrid Adaptor Phone Interface (HAPI) allows analogue connectivity to digital PBX/key phone handsets, which will suit all types of businesses -- white-collar and blue-collar -- but particularly those remote sectors such as mining, petrochemical, offshore and others that tend to rely on analogue equipment for communications purposes.

The ADTEC HAPI allows any two wire analogue device (such as a conference phone) to connect to almost any digital PBX or key phone handset.

Features of the unit include:

  • Digital telephone handset is internally disconnected when the HAPI 2 wire port is in use, reducing disruptive room noise.
  • Easily portable from room to room with quick set-up using simple dip switches.
  • Allows normal phone operation when the connected analogue device is not in use. Just leave the HAPI and the analogue device connected, cutting down on set up procedures.


  • 4 to 2 wire conversion via hybrid adaptor
  • 300mA plug pack
  • Interconnecting cables supplied
  • Full isolation between handset and 2 wire device
  • Meets stringent Australian ACA regulations
  • Detects on and off hook
  • Set up and configuration manual included