ADT Security  offers a wide array of products that ensures retail security. ADT Security offers sensormatic products that aim to provide protection for merchandise and assets.

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Systems, a security product from ADT Security has been designed to reduce shoplifting and internal theft problems. EAS is easy to use and is deigned such that it can match any decor.

EAS labels, another sensormatic product offered by ADT Security is available in both standard and custom made styles and is designed to match in-store protection requirements in merchandise.

ADT Security also offers sensormatic RFID solutions and services which include labels, antennas and design management software. RFID services from ADT Security include providing skills and critical knowledge that can be implemented in supply chain management.

ADT Security offers CCTV systems to capture shoplifters on the spot and also to relieve the retailers from the problems of staff theft. These CCTV systems from ADT Solutions can also be installed in educational establishments, industrial sites, offices and other commercial areas which are prone to theft perils.

ADT Security provides integrated solutions which includes design, implementation and maintenance of complex security systems. The integrated solutions are arrived by adhering to strict quality standards and ADT Security works closely with consultants and end-users to help them achieve the desired results.