Early on a Monday morning, before the regular morning alarm, Kevin Collins of St Mary's, NSW, received a text message from ADT Security 's Auto Notify system telling him that the power supply to the home alarm system had failed.

Kevin and his wife Colleen checked their home, only to discover a small fire had broken out in the power meterbox that had cut electricity to their home. After the fire brigade extinguished the fire with little fuss, the power company repaired the damage and things returned to normal.

The Collins family were very lucky that a small fire remained small; it could easily have developed and caused significant damage to their property, or worse, could have been fatal. If it were not for their ADT Security monitored home alarm notifying them of an abnormality in the system they might not have been aware of the fire until it was too late.

Immediately the power was cut by the fire, ADT Security’s Auto Notify system determined there was a problem and sent the text message. In just fifteen minutes the entire situation was brought under control.

Auto Notify is one of the key advantages of ADT Security's advanced Safe and Sound home alarm systems. Owners have the ability to configure their systems so that each alarm ‘event’ has its own ‘auto-notify’ response.

In the Collins' case, the system was configured so that a power failure triggered and Auto Notify text message. Other events, such as low battery, can trigger a text message, email, or a personal call from ADT Security’s Monitoring Services.

“Thank goodness for ADT. We wouldn’t have been able to save our house if we hadn’t been contacted by their Auto Notify sms service. We have confidence and peace of mind knowing that ADT are there as otherwise, it could have been a lot worse,” says Colleen Collins.