Adshel  is Australia’s first FSC certified street furniture supplier.  

Based on their ongoing commitment to a sustainable future, the company announces their promise to raise awareness of the environmental dangers of importing illegal forest products.  

Adshel has signed a joint statement with Greenpeace and other concerned businesses to begin eliminating harmful practices.  

The import of illegal forest products into Australia contributes to tropical deforestation, the deaths of many tropical animal species and village poverty.  

Illegal and irresponsible forestry practices also undermine the financial viability of sustainable forest products.  

Adshel is committed to providing timbers that come from environmentally-friendly sources and uses timbers from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests or Ecotimber from ecoforestry programs.  

This ensures that timber is obtained from forests and plantations that are managed to sustain their biodiversity, productivity and ecological integrity.  

Ecoforestry programs aim to minimise their impact upon other ecosystems and support as well as involve indigenous people living in the source area.