GT series comprises of four models that cover a wide range of installations in a range of applications. GT series are a simple system to install and assemble and assembly kits for are available for professionals. GT series are designed and featured for almost every type of application to suit.

The GT series is available from ADS mastermatic and ranges from 150Kgs, right up to the heavy-weights of 450Kgs. All the models are capable of being fitted with a wide range of control, security and safety features.

Some of the devices that can be fitted with the GT series include:

  • Wing locking device
  • Additional manual locking release
  • Battery-powered antipanic device
  • Breakaway antipanic device for mobile wings only (ASA)
  • Total breakaway antipanic device for both mobile and fixed wings
  • Innovative design, simplicity and affordability mark the GT series.


  • Operation: Continuous duty
  • Slide: reinforced nylon wheels
  • Drive: toothed belt in synthetic electro conducting material
  • Maximum Length: 6600mm
  • Max. Opening Speed: 0.7m/s (1 wing), 1.4m/s (2 wings)
  • Closing Speed: Set at about 70% of full speed for opening
  • Approach Speed: 0.1m/s
  • Power Supply: 230Vac/50Hz
  • Motor: 24Vdc with encoder
  • Emergency Operation: additional 24Vdc batteries
  • Controls: manual/automatic. One/two ways. Door open/closed. Total/partial opening
  • Self-adjusting functions: maximum opening/closing limits. Drive force according to set values Obstacle detection sensitivity followed by intelligent movement