Rex is an automatic system for sliding doors with continuous duty. The installation and starting of this automatic system are simplified. It has been designed to be assembled also by the user.

The pulling group and the electronic control panel make up a single block (see the photo). This enables the maximum optimisation of assembling time. Rex is a highly flexible system, allowing for different shaping according to the specific installation needs (i.e. transoms, standard and simplified attachments). The Rex system is available from ADS mastermatic.


  • Operation: continuous duty
  • Load bearing: continuous duty, 100kg (1 door wing) - 140kg (2 door wings)
  • Sliding: on reinforced nylon trolley
  • Pulling: through tooth belt in antistatic synthetic material
  • Transom: extruded aluminium
  • Transom max length: 6600mm
  • Opening max speed: 0.5m/sec. (1 wing) - 1.0 m/sec. (2 wings)
  • Closing speed: approx. 70% of preset speed in the opening phase
  • Braking speed: 0.1m/sec.
  • Power supply: 230V c.a. (110V c.a. upon request) /24V D.C.
  • Motor: 24V D.C. with encoder
  • Emergency operation: with 24V D.C. batteries, standard in the automatic system
  • 230V max input current: 1A
  • Electric control panel: with microprocessor based logic. Control module with built-in amplifier for photocells
  • Power supply for accessories: 24V D.C. 0.5A
  • Anticrashing device: electronic with encoder. Standard
  • Control devices: manual/automatic. Mono/bi-directional. Open/closed door. Total/partial opening
  • Adjustments: manual and automatic with trimmer and dip switch
  • Manually adjustable functions: pulling force. Dwell time in the opening phase (0-30sec.). Partial opening
  • Functions with automatic self-adjustment: opening/closing max limits. Pulling force according to preset adjustment. Detection of any obstruction present with subsequent intelligent operation
  • Transom, base x height mm: 100 x 160
  • Transom min. length mm: 1 wing: 1800, 2 wings: 2200
  • Max load bearing kg, continuous duty: 100, 140
  • Standard max. opening of passage mm: 3200

Features :

  • Electric control panel with microprocessor-based logic. Control module with built-in amplifier for photocells
  • Sliding trolleys
  • Anticrashing device
  • Attachment for framed door leaves (standard version)
  • Attachment for framed door leaves (simplified version)
  • Attachment for whole glass door leaves