ADS Group (Australia)  focus on design, develop a well as deliver solutions especially to the Australian market through development of innovative products. The success and reputation of ADS Group (Australia) relies closely in terms of providing complete product and service satisfaction along with well-built partnership with leading companies in delivering the best innovations in terms of software and hardware and in addition strive continuously towards the satisfaction of market requirements through the development of companies business and its products. SST high-speed spiral door from ADS Group (Australia) offers economical solution for busy building exits. SST high-speed spiral door are contemporary in design that incorporates two door systems in one building unit. The spiral doors from ADS Group (Australia) are both an intruder-proof exterior door and a weather resistant high-speed door.

High-speed turbo door provided by ADS Group (Australia) is a high-speed door that is specially designed to be used in terms of indoors or outdoors area. The door leaf in High-speed turbo door consists of single walled laths that remain completely transparent over time. The door leaf is absolutely PVC-free and is therefore ideal for use in most industry.