ADS Group (Australia)  is a provider of safest high speed door solution to its customers located in Australia. ADS Group (Australia) provides EFAFLEX safe high speed door such as clean room door series as well as high speed door series. The door collection provided by ADS Group (Australia) comprises of SST high speed spiral door, SST new generation with direct drive, STT high speed turbo door, STR high speed roll-up turbo door, SRT high speed roll-up door, AS high speed folding door, SSN high speed special door, TLG contactless door safety system, Toltec impact doors - Series 1000.

ADS Group (Australia) in alliance with Efaflex GmbH offers one of the fastest as well as safest high speed door solutions to its customers. ADS Group (Australia) as a pioneer manufacturer of high speed doors offers different kinds of door variety such as cool room, rapid roll, high speed, clean room, car park and secure doors. ADS Group (Australia) aims at offering door solutions by understanding the conservation of energy and at the same time maintaining a secure working environment.