If you didn’t think you could afford to explore the power of Adobe Acrobat 7.0 in your practice, think again.

Adobe have just announced a Free Trial CD, which gives you full use of all the software’s features for up to 30 days. This Free Trial CD is more than just a software sampler. It gives architects an opportunity to interact with technology that has the potential to change fundamental processes.

Acrobat 7.0 features extensive tools that take it far beyond PDF creation. For example, file layers, embedded scales and metadata from original AutoCAD and Visio files are preserved within Acrobat 7.0 PDFs. Plus, files can be password protected to make distributing them electronically as secure as it is convenient. A powerful suite of mark-up tools streamline the dialogue of review and approvals as plans are developed. And security is again assured – this time by Acrobat 7.0’s advanced digital signature technology. Finally, Acrobat 7.0 extends beyond simply distributing plans. It is now possible to create comprehensive presentations and reports, combining static and dynamic material from a wide range of business and design applications, into a single Acrobat 7.0 document. All this diverse material can then be shared easily, searched quickly and archived conveniently.

Best of all, the Free Trial CD’s 30-day expiry is the only limitation on the software – there are no locked features or ‘Save’ restrictions common to some software trials. It makes it possible to fully explore the potential of Acrobat 7.0’s ‘intelligent documents’ in your practice.

Acrobat 7.0 FreeTrial CDs are available now from Adobe online. Visit pacific.adobe.com/trial to order.