Admiralty Air Conditioning  and Refrigeration aims to provide reliable air conditioning and mechanical services to its clients and its efficient management helps in attaining this goal. It provides cost effective services during the operational life of these assets. The service team at Admiralty Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equips itself with product knowledge and technical competence. Thereby, customers are provided with services relating to performance enhancements, compliance upgrades and planning and maintenance regimes.

Admiralty Air Conditioning and Refrigeration provides various services to its customers including air quality measurement, coil cleaning, engineering design, coil balancing, duct cleaning, condition monitoring, oil analysis . The services are provided according to individual needs and the plan depends on the clients' objective.

Admiralty Air Conditioning and Refrigeration also provides services such as life cycle management of machinery and equipment, emergency cooling and heating services, energy efficiency upgrade planning, life expectancy planning for the plant and many other high end services. It provides plans for both simple routine inspections of small plants and also for sophisticated production plants. Admiralty Air Conditioning and Refrigeration tailors the plans and solutions according to clients' requirement.