The wide range advertising services provided by ADMENTUM includes outdoor, television, print and internet advertising. It has experience in advertising in these media and has provided services to many clients including BPN, Samsung and Solahart. ADMENTUM also provides online reward programs which are fully customised. The online reward program offered by ADMENTUM includes detail client reporting, shopping chart functionality and full interactivity services. The online reward programs have been developed for CSR, the presidential cards and Nosy Club to name a few.

ADMENTUM has developed many CRM programs for its clients. Many companies such as Samsung, Coles Myer and CSR have been benefited by the CRM services from ADMENTUM. The CRM services provided by ADMENTUM includes reward fulfillment, help lines and database development.

In order to facilitate its clients with ease in segmenting and targeting the potential customers, ADMENTUM creates strategic direct campaigns which increase the effectiveness of marketing of its clients. ADMENTUM aims to provide direct marketing campaigns at affordable rates.

ADMENTUM also develops and manages sales promotion campaigns for its clients. It develops these sales promotion campaigns across various sectors and the services include concept development, lottery permits and fulfillment of prizes. Besides these, ADMENTUM also provides strategy development services like market
analysis, sponsorship negotiations, marketing and sales plan development and commissioning services.