ADM Instrument Engineering recommended the Lutron AQ-9901SD air quality meter to a client that sought a safe carbon monoxide monitoring solution.

The customer wanted to monitor vehicle emissions, without putting their technicians at risk. Vehicle emissions primarily contain carbon monoxide (CO), an odourless, colourless gas that poses serious health issues if inhaled.

The Lutron AQ-9901SD air quality meter features excellent data logging capabilities with an integral real time recorder and an SD card to save the data. The data can also be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet. These air quality meters come complete with RS232 and USB interfaces, eliminating the need for technicians to be physically present during monitoring as the device is capable of recording the data without supervision.

The Lutron AQ-9901SD comes with four probes for monitoring Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen and Humidity/Temperature. The sampling time for the data recorder ranges from two seconds up to eight hours.