ADM Instrument Engineering introduces a new range of inclinometers from Midori designed to prevent overturns in overloaded vehicles at worksites.

The Midori PMP-HTL series inclinometers are designed for use in mobility applications such as construction machinery, cherry pickers and hook cranes that risk overturning when they are overloaded. Conventional solutions include using a pressure sensor on the hydraulic system that shuts the vehicle down when a defined load is exceeded.

However, an inclinometer is a more effective solution to prevent overturns as it can monitor the vehicle’s angle in relation to the ground.

Midori’s PMP-HTL series inclinometers offer several design advantages including a robust dust- and drip-proof aluminium die casting housing that allows the device to be mounted on the vehicle in any environment without risk of damage; being filled with dampening oil, the inclinometers are not affected by the vehicle’s vibration, ensuring accurate readings.

Key features of the Midori PMP-HTL series inclinometers also include choice of X and Y axis model and X axis only model; industrial standard 4-20ma output; choice of measuring ranges from +/- 5, 10, 20 and 30 degrees; and wide operating temperature range of -20°C to +80°C to perform in Australia’s harsh environments.