ADM Instrument Engineering announces the release of a new range of power supplies from MeanWell designed specifically to address the demands of intelligent LED lighting.

MeanWell’s LCM-40(DA) and LCM-60(DA) power supply series feature a constant current design that allows the user to select from multiple output current levels via a built-in DIP switch. 

The basic models LCM-40 and LCM-60 are designed with two dimming functions (0~10Vdc and PWM signal), while the digital control models LCM-40DA and LCM-60DA offer a DALI interface and push dimming function. 

Key features of MeanWell’s LCM power supply series include AC input range of 180~295VAC; two stage PFC function; compliance with Australian safety and EMC requirements; power factor of greater than 0.9; 2KV surge immunity; and efficiency performance up to 91.5% allowing cooling by free air convection while operating up to 60°C ambient temperature. 

The LCM power supply series also boasts a temperature compensation function, which will automatically dim the LEDs when they are getting too hot. The user can prolong the LED’s lifetime by using this simple NTC thermistor setup. 

If additional cooling is required, the series has an additional 12V/50mA output for driving a fan. The power supply is equipped with a synchronisation function used for dimming up to 10 units in unison. 

The LED power supplies, with their 23mm low profile plastic enclosure are ideal for use in confined roof spaces in commercial, office, home and decorative lighting applications.