ADM Instrument Engineering presents the latest range of constant current LED power supplies from MeanWell.

MeanWell has followed up the launch of PCD-16 and PCD-25 series with higher power models PCD-40 and PCD-60 constant current LED power supplies. 

Featuring built-in active power factor correction, the new series in 40W and 60W versions can be dimmed by the AC phase-cut method and is compatible with leading edge or trailing edge TRIAC dimmers. The PCD-40 and PCD-60 series are suitable for many indoor LED lighting applications.

Key features of MeanWell’s PCD-40 and PCD-60 constant current LED power supplies include 180~295VAC input range to provide 350mA to 2400mA constant current output; DC output voltage up to 108V; up to 88% efficiency; operation possible up to 50°C ambient temperature; cooling by free air convection; safety and EMC certified for use in Australia; and built-in short circuit and over temperature protections.