ADM Instrument Engineering presents the new Burster Digistant 4423, an innovative all-in-one calibrator designed to cover all calibration needs in the laboratory or on the production line.

Providing measurement and sourcing for 13 thermocouple models, 13 RTD models, resistance, current, voltage, frequency, pulse, pressure, force, torque and displacement, the Digistant 4423 is a complete universal calibration tool.

An intuitive user interface allows simple operation with data displayed on a backlit LCD display. It comes with a 24vdc power supply and has an estimated battery life of about 10 hours. Results can be stored in the device and later transferred to a PC via the USB interface.

The Digistant 4423 boasts a ‘source and measure’ function, which allows it to simultaneously simulate the output of a temperature sensor connected to the measurement converter’s input, while also measuring the measurement converter’s output signal when calibrating a measurement converter.

Using the built-in document function, or the DigiCal software, the user can create ISO 9000 conformity documentation. DigiCal also allows the user to create automatic calibration procedures. Key features of the software also include password protection, ability to save device settings to a backup file for reloading or editing, ability to save all measured values in Excel format or raw files and printed as measurement logs, and free software updates.

The DigiCal software allows calibration results to be downloaded from the Digistant calibrator for documentation and logging. Up to 21 measurements per device for up to 50 devices can be stored in non-volatile memory.

The Burster Digistant 4423 calibrators come complete with a test certificate, traceability confirmation, and a measurement cable.