ADM Instrument Engineering introduces a new range of accelerometers designed specifically for monitoring vibration in hazardous operating environments.

Vibration monitoring is a critical aspect of ensuring reliability of machinery in mining and mineral extraction industries. However, the operating conditions impose significant additional burdens on the sensors. For any equipment to operate reliably in a mine or similar harsh environment, it must be built robustly; sensors, connectors and cabling used for monitoring should therefore be capable of operating continuously while withstanding the harsh ambient conditions.

Typical conditions in mining environments include high levels of moisture containing corrosive dissolved electrolytes, and high shock levels from the impact of flying debris caused by cutting, crushing and drilling machinery.

Since mines are designated as hazardous areas, the operating equipment is required to be intrinsically safe and certified for use in Group I hazardous areas.

Monitran’s IECEx certified accelerometers are specifically designed as the perfect plant and equipment monitoring solution for hazardous areas.

Monitran’s range of Group I hazardous area approved analysis sensors and monitoring sensors includes the specially designed side-entry versions such as the MTN-1100IS series, which requires less headroom and offers streamlined cable routing from the sensor.