ADM Instrument Engineering presents a new range of inclinometers from Midori that can help keep wheelchair lift platforms level and stable, ensuring the safety of wheelchair users.

Safety on wheelchair ramps and lifts is a major concern for wheelchair users as it is important to keep these mechanical aids level and even at all times to prevent the wheelchair rolling or toppling off, risking injury to the user.

Wheelchair lift manufacturers need a reliable solution for automatically keeping the lift platform level and stable, with the solution required to have high shock and vibration resistance, especially if the ramp is being mounted onto a vehicle. An inclinometer, which offers the best solution for this application will also need to be IP rated to suit outdoor environments as well as a long service life.

Midori’s PMP-xxHTL series inclinometers are available in single and dual axis versions. Featuring a dust and drip proof aluminium die cast case specifically designed for outdoor use, the inclinometer also allows use in applications where vibration is a concern with the enclosed damper oil.