Mean Well has reinforced its commitment to a cleaner environment by replacing nickel used in its manufacturing processes with steel.

Mean Well continually reviews its manufacturing and supply chain processes as part of its commitment to become a comprehensive Green Enterprise.

Having used nickel plated punched steel for its enclosed range of power supplies for a long time, Mean Well made the decision to switch to steel after findings indicated that the nickel plating process produced pollution from sulphides and phosphides.

Moving away from using nickel plated steel, Mean Well switched to hot-dipped galvanised steel starting with the RS-100 range, completely eliminating the risk of environmental pollution otherwise caused by the plating process.

The hot dipped galvanised steel also delivers a different kind of advantage: hot dipped galvanised steel displays better resistance to corrosion than nickel plated steel as indicated during salt-mist testing.

ADM Instrument Engineering is Mean Well’s exclusive distributor in Australia.