ADM Instrument Engineering presents the Lutron GSM-888, an innovative, low cost remote control and monitoring solution delivered via a mobile phone.

Managers of a football field in Brisbane sought to give various clubs access to turn the floodlights on and off at night as needed, without providing unfettered access to the light switches. They installed a Lutron GSM-888 control system, enabling the clubs to switch the floodlights on and off from their mobile phones.

The Lutron GSM-888 is a great low cost control solution with multiple applications in irrigation system control, controlling and monitoring security systems, and remote building and home automation.

The Luton GSM-888 allows the user to monitor and control their installations using a mobile phone. Featuring 8 x4-20 mA analogue input channels, compatible with industrial transmitters; 8 switch closure inputs; and 8 relay outputs, the control system can monitor various devices at the same time, such as humidity sensors, pressure sensors, vibration sensors, conductivity sensors, dissolved oxygen sensors, to mention a few.

The GSM-888 can transmit the real measured value and unit of the 4-20mA inputs via SMS. The user can set a high or low alarm on the analogue input signal and enable/disable the switch closure alarm setting via SMS. Relay outputs (on/off) can also be sent via SMS.

For local monitoring there is a 16x2 LCD display, which shows the value of each channel, as well as the input and output status. All settings are saved onto the on-board EPROM, so the programmed setting won’t be lost due to a power failure or any other reason. Measurement values, the status of the input switches and the output relays can all be monitored by mobile phone.