ADM Instrument Engineering has partnered with ESI for the supply of field proven pressure sensing solutions to the oil and gas industry. ESI’s range includes IECEx certified pressure transducers and transmitters for use in zones at risk of explosion.

Australia is playing an increasingly greater role as one of the world’s key energy providers. Systems used in oil and gas exploration are becoming more complex, with an increasing use of pressure transducers and transmitters. New and more challenging applications require specifically designed solutions to cope with higher static pressures, aggressive processes and environmental conditions.

ESI’s Silicon-on-Saphire technology delivers a pressure sensor with no measurable hysteresis and superb repeatability. The excellent insulation properties of the pressure sensor allow it to operate over a very wide temperature range, with no loss of performance. It also gives unbeatable performance with high over pressures and excellent chemical compatibility.

ESI’s hyperbaric test facilities test each unit to 3300 metres of submersion before the product leaves the factory, ensuring there will be no concern about leakage or integrity if these pressure transmitters are deployed in deep water applications.

Similarly, pressure transmitters can also be environmentally screened in automated thermal test chambers and vibration test equipment.