ADM Instrument Engineering presents an extremely compact wire drawn linear position transducer (string pot) with a 38mm measurement range.

The UniMeasure ZX series offers a choice of two versions. The ZX-PA-1.5 is the world’s smallest string pot utilising a long life co-moulded potentiometer with essentially infinite resolution. The ZX-HM-1.5 features a slightly thicker body and incorporates a non-contacting internal hall effect sensing device, giving a ratiometric voltage output with a resolution of approximately 0.04mm.

Both models in the UniMeasure ZX series of wire drawn linear position transducers have wide operating temperature ranges (-40°C~+125°C for the ZX-HM version), ensuring a long service life without output signal degradation.

The compact footprint of the ZX series makes the string pots suitable for space constrained applications that demand maximum performance including robotic, biomedical, aerospace testing and automotive applications.

ADM also stocks a wide range of Mean Well power supplies, including models with medical approval.