ADM Instrument Engineering introduces the Burster TRANS CAL 7281 digital indicator, a new mobile, high precision calibrating and testing device designed to perform high-precision in-situ calibrations of sensing components.

The Burster TRANS CAL 7281 calibrating and testing device is recommended for calibrating sensing devices used in equipment such as presses, torque tools or pressure-regulating systems. Perfect for use in metrology institutes and calibration laboratories and in quality assurance, facility commissioning and system monitoring applications, the new TRANS CAL 7281 can be fitted with standard or rechargeable batteries, or used with an external power supply.

Checking hydraulic presses, taking reference measurements on assembly lines, or calibrating test equipment and high precision instrumentation are some of the intended applications for the TRANS CAL 7281 device.

Key features of TRANS CAL 7281 calibrating and testing device are choice of sensors including strain gauge, normalised signal ± 5V/±10V and potentiometric sensors; LCD graphics display for live measurement value and corresponding bar indicator; and display functions such as data logger, tared value in % and upper/lower limit for the comparator with simultaneous indicator (< = >) of the evaluation result.

Ideal for carrying out routine testing and fault locating tasks, the 7281 simplifies the measurement of isolation resistance and input/output resistances.

Facilities that intend to use the 7281 as a reference can request for an optional factory calibration certificate or German-accredited DKD/DAkkS calibration certificate to be provided, offering a quick and cost-effective way of assessing a system, with traceable documentation of the measurement results.

The optional DigiCal configuration and data acquisition software provides useful display and reporting functions.