ADM Instrument Engineering presents the new Mean Well PLM-40 series LED power supply designed to allow LED lights to be dimmed using a standard light switch.

To be introduced very soon to the Australian market, the Mean Well PLM-40 series LED power supply is a low cost LED driver set to revolutionise the domestic and commercial retrofit market with a unique built-in 3-step analogue dimming function that turns the light switch into a dimmer.

For the simple installation, the AC from the light switch is connected to the input terminal blocks on the PLM-40 and the LED light fitting to the DC output terminal blocks.

When the light is turned on at the wall switch, there will be 100% light output. When the light switch is turned off and on again within 2.5 seconds, the light will dim to 40% output; a repeat action will dim the light to 10% output.

ADM is currently finalising safety testing and certification and the PLM series will soon be available through ADM with Australian Safety approvals and C-Tick.