ADL  provides satellite services and is said to specialise in areas of earth station and satellite network. ADL provides complete satellite solutions for marine, transportation, agricultural, military and gas industries. From its inception, ADL has installed, supplied and supported many satellite communication systems and has also become a national distributor and service agent for many manufacturers around the world.

ADL also provides solutions to suit the needs of individual clients using its in-house engineering and consulting capacities. ADL provides supply, installation, system design solutions for video conferencing, data transfer, voice, facsimile and bundled communication services.

ADL provides engineering consultancy services for FM broadcasting and satellite. It also develops and manufactures hardware for specialised satellite antenna mounting systems.

ADL provides a wide array of telecommunication services such as antenna installation, infrastructure construction, site survey and other related services. The infrastructure construction service offered by ADL includes construction of roof-tops and hard access areas such as aides of buildings. The antenna installation services of ADL include installations of panels, wimax antennas, panel arrays and licensed broadband microwave installation.

ADL is engaged in the design, installation and commissioning of SMATV and MATV network. The services provided by ADL in this field include project consultation, optic fiber and coax cable installation, providing signal and spectrum reports and so on.