ADL (Adigitallife) believes in providing the best solutions to its clients in the fields of construction, design and communication.

ADL provides technical solutions in the fields of radio, television and other broadcast media. The wide range of broadcast services offered by ADL includes temporary structure installation, television antenna arrays, structure rigging construction, outside broadcast facilities, HF antenna arrays and other such services. The staff at ADL are trained to handle all technical problems.

ADL also offers solutions to its customers in the field of data networking. ADL provides computer room flooring service to its clients. It also installs equipment racks and cabinets, interconnects cable and power supply and provides an array of electrical services, including main distribution boards, sub circuit wiring and so on. The data network services offered by ADL also includes providing point of presence room construction, secondary engineering and co-location. It also installs communication racks and cabinets.

The technicians at ADL are trained to provide data network services such as voice, video and data cabling services for interconnection, horizontal and backbone services. ADL also installs and configures carrier equipment with secondary engineering and common carriers known as cabling support systems.