ADK Civil  provides installation services of electrical, water and communication ductings for both existing network and new subdivisions. ADK Civil aims to provide quality conscious and environment friendly installation services to its customers. ADK Civil equips its employees with skills to operate excavators, directional drills, underground locating devices and the like to stay professional and match customer requirements. ADK Civil also provides various internal training programs for equipping its employees.

ADK Civil provides its clients with routine reports in order to make the system very transparent. In order to suit specific contractor needs, ADK Civil has access to many telecommunication and design engineers. It also provides built-in construction plans to its clients at the end of the project and employs experienced project managers for all its major projects.

In order to stay at par with technology, ADK Civil provides online delivery of data. It uses software like Microsoft Project Management, Windows XP professional suite to name a few.

ADK Civil has accomplished many projects successfully including the Yorke Island Sewerage Treatment Plant, where it relocated the plant to the outer edge of the island and located the head of the drill to maintain the product and push out on the required location.

ADK Civil had another contract with Ergon Energy for Kamerunga Substation Upgrade where it extracted alignment and depth to suit the construction plan. It also had a contract with Sugar World Subdivisions where ADK Civil installed communication, water and electrical subsoils within a new subdivision.